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  1. Hi Cheri and Brad,
    So miss your shop. I had never visited but feel that I knew it. My Daughter(from Boston) and her Dad(Santa Fe) would go out to Portland almost every year to visit his Stepmom(turning 100 this year). Every time they went they would visit your shop and buy some yarn for me. I also have countless Naked Sheep bags, tape measures, and anything else with your lovely logo. Working on a baby blanket that rests in one of your orange bags. They were one of my favorite gifts for knitting friends. I retired from being a Chef early in 2020 looking forward to teaching PT. Covid put a halt to that. But my classes will resume in September. Knit 7 sweaters in 7 months during Covid. Your life looks full and fun. Miss you but look forward to seeing what is in store.

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